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Sajo’s Ink Leveler

Allows for a quick and compact installation requiring no external controls, valves or cabling.

The touch pad controls (on/off/manual) are located on the operator side of the ink leveler which ensures safe and simple access for the pressmen.

Our Ink Leveler is equipped with an adjustable sliding/swivel sensor with built-in tilt switch, clamp-on cheekplate brackets, hydraulic ink swivel, push-in air swivel and can be easily reversed for left or right handed ink fountains.



The Sajo Ink Agitator

Is available in either a one or two piece design and uses two stainless agitating arms that are specifically designed to not only agitate but also push ink up against the roller.

The agitating arms are stainless and are designed to be removed from the agitator bar in seconds and require no gears or rack. The most apparent advantage to this new design is the versatility of the installation enabling the bar to
be positioned almost anywhere above, in front or below the fountain therefore allowing the pressman full access to the fountain at all times. The typical application for this design is with UV and conventional inks as well as metallic flex.

In addition to the versatility of bar location another significant advantage to our arm design is it’s capacity to force ink up against the fountain roller on every pass. More and more printers are having issues with ink separation from the roller and this new design completely eliminates this problem. Another advantage is the flexibility of the
stainless steel arms allowing the customer to tweak and move the arms to the desired positions as per their needs.



Sajo’s Ink Can Dispenser

Is a press frame mounted dispenser allowing printers to automatically pump ink into the ink fountain using existing ink cans.

The Ink Can Dispenser allows printers to pump UV or conventional ink from their existing 2.5 or 5.0 kg. Plastic or metal ink cans directly into the ink fountain while maintaining an even and accurate ink distribution. Through the use of a stainless steel manifold over the fountain and an ultrasonic sensor, the ink level in the fountain is controlled to within ± .375”.

The Ink Can Dispenser mounts directly and easily to the press frame, sitting on top of the unit or attached to the side of the frame and includes a follower plate that can handle either straight or tapered wall cans. The EPDM seal wipes the side walls clean as it lowers leaving under 1% ink waste.


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